Chrono Project

The Chrono project is a 2.5D side scroller game, set in a fantasy world, with the magical Chrono and the technological Robo. The game features a powerful time rewinding mechanic, in stead of basic saving and reloading. This mechanic allows the player to take on especially difficult challanges, while exploring different timelines and eventually saving or damning the world.

Action screenshot

The Chrono project is still deep in development, and will most likely take more than a year to complete. In the mean time, there will be small kickstarter to help fund music and artwork for the game.

Chosen closeup

Demo builds are now available for download!


IndieDB page for the game:

Chrono project

Integration with Stomt, in case you'd like to leave some casual feedback:

Updates on the development will be posted regularly to this site, just check out the latest posts on the left hand side of the screen.


2.5D Tile Editor

The 2.5D tile editor is an asset I made to help me build levels for my up and coming game. Since it was working so well, I decided to polish it up and sell it seperately on the asset store. It is now available for your projects!

3D prints

The muscular wojak huddle, based on artwork of SirArtwork. One of the many 3D printable figurines I make in my spare time, check out the rest on Sketchfab

Drop Out 0

Drop Out 0

An online first person shooter with a twist: Knock your enemies out of the map in stead of reducing their hitpoints to 0! Download the demo, or buy the full version from Steam

Drop Out 0


A 2D space simulator, featuring spaceships with realistic orbits trough space. Spend your fuel wisely, and reach your destination. Download the game, including its java source code for free on IndieDB

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