I am currently working on this game, so this page is still incomplete.

It is going to be a megaman-like side scroller, with 3D graphics and 2D gameplay with a central time rewinding mechanic.

This will be my first game with en emphasis on story, it is completely single player.

Characters The 9 main characters of the game, see if you can find the protagonist

In particular I have written out the backstory and the broad lines of the plot of the game itself. I have also made models for all the important characters in the game.

Currently, I'm working out the movement system and basic mechanics. When that is done, I can continue with implementing the time mechanics, after which I will start making the environments.

Note that while I do work on the game whenever I can, I am still finishing up my master thesis in theoretical physics. Because of this, work on the game is advancing slowly. I expect to bring out a first demo somewhere in August or September this year, but at this time it is hard to tell what will happen.