I am currently working on this game, so this page is still incomplete.

The game will involve combat, platforming and puzzling, in a 2D side scroller format, with 3D graphics. Central to the gameplay and the plot is a time rewinding mechanic.

This will be my first game with en emphasis on story, it is completely single player.

Characters The 9 main characters of the game, see if you can find the protagonist

I am keeping the site posted with updates about this game, you can find all posts on the left hand side of the page.

Note that I am not working on this project full time. I was for example forced to put the work aside during my master thesis year. In the future I will try to keep up a steady pace for progress, but I cannot guarantee that life won't get in the way again.

I expect a first demo of the game to be finished in less than a year.