LightWeight Fluids

Light weight and compatible fluid simulation plugin for Unity.

Chrono Logo

Chrono Project

2.5D action-adventure featuring a unique time-rewinding mechanic. Download the demo, or buy the full version from Steam

Babel Translation Toolkit

Simple translation plugin for Unity, translate and get the task out of the way.

Flexible Color Picker

Free color picking asset for Unity. Set it up just as you like it.

FERM toolkit

Fast Easy RayMarching toolkit for Unity, allowing you to build beautiful Raymarched scenes in Unity, quickly and easily.

Chrono Super Serializer

The time rewinding mechanics from the Chrono Project extracted,
idiot proofed and now for sale on the Unity asset store!

Unity Faction logo


UnityFaction is a standalone game that features custom platforming maps - runmaps or deathruns - made by the Redfaction community, with new mechanics and features to make them available and accessible to the general public.

Intervention Youtube link

Intervention Game

The Intervention Game is an intelligent game I made for my work at ExpORL, the game was built from scratch and is now being used in scientific studies!

2.5D Tile Editor

The 2.5D tile editor is an asset I made to help me build levels for my up and coming game. Since it was working so well, I decided to polish it up and sell it seperately on the asset store. It is now available for your projects!

Huddle of feels 3D print

3D prints

The muscular wojak huddle, based on artwork of SirArtwork. One of the many 3D printable figurines I make in my spare time, check out the rest on Sketchfab This model in particular attracted some extra attention and even got 3D printed! Read all about it on FunnyJunk!

Drop Out 0

Drop Out 0

An online first person shooter with a twist: Knock your enemies out of the map in stead of reducing their hitpoints to 0! Download the demo, or buy the full version from Steam

Drop Out 0


A 2D space simulator, featuring spaceships with realistic orbits trough space. Spend your fuel wisely, and reach your destination. Download the game, including its java source code for free on IndieDB

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