I was born in Belgium in 1994. I have a degree in theoretical physics, I am mostly interested in physics, computer simulation, science fiction and of course video games.

Avatar A 3D model of myself in the cartoonish style of my latest game.

My first real contact with game development happened at the beginning of my studies in physics, when I had to make a text-based game for an entry level programming course. I enjoyed the work so much that I decided to work on new projects during my spare time. I learned a lot from each and finished one game after the other. It wasn't until my last years in majoring in physics that I realized I might want to make a career out of game development.

At the time of writing, I'm working full time as a game developer for the KU Leuven. My job is to make, expand and fix games for scientific purposes, in particular to package hearing tests and exercises in child-friendly games. I also continue to work on my own projects in my spare time. If those projects turn out successful enough, I might go on to work on them full time.