I want to help you out with your game, what can I do?

I hear this a lot, but people rarely hold true to their word. If you want to help me out, you should have some relevant skill, like 3D modeling, animating, drawing, composing, programming etc. Send me an e-mail describing what your skills are and/or how you'd like to help me. I will try to find a piece of work that can be delegated and describe what I expect from you as detailed as needed.

Can I have a free copy of x?

The problem with giving out free copies is that it devaluates the product. Why would anyone bother to buy my games if they can just ask and get them for free? That being said, I can make an exception for promotional purposes. If you plan on making a video or whatever, send me a mail to ask, or if possible send a request via keymailer.

Do game developers play games themselves?

I do and I think they should. Authors read books, composers listen to music, cooks eat food, why should game development be any different? If I avoided playing games I would feel like a hypocrite. That being said, it is unhealthy to play 12 hours of World of Warcraft daily. A developer should spend at least a few hours per week playing a new game and not spend many hours playing one game all the time. So in short: good developers play many games, bad developers play one game and only the worst, most despicable developers avoid gaming altogether.

Why are your games so terrible?

Now I'll admit that my older games are not that great, but I present them on this site anyway because I want to give you an honest picture of my history as a developer. The quickest way to learn something is to try it and fail. That is exactly what I did.