The kickstarter has ended with little to no success. There were about 5 backers, some of which backed quite handsome amounts, but generally no support from the general public.

The reason for this is presumed to be a lack of proper marketing and initial support.

The campaign included various posts to Facebook, Funnyjunk, Youtube and Reddit, game pages on Itch.io, Gamejolt, IndieDB and Steam, as well as featured articles on BackerCity, Orlygift and CrowdfundingPR. I spent around an hour daily making various content and posting them around trying to advertise, which in total led to 1 additional backer (from Facebook) the rest found the project on Kickstarter itself or were personal acquaintances.

There most likely won't be another campaign, even so, I have all the capabilities needed to finish the game without further support. Since almost no people are actually looking forward to the release, I will be working on some other projects first though.

The resulting game will be a little watered down, with less polished assets and not too much custom music, character or whatever, but it will showcase the main mechanics and the storyline that was planned since the beginning.

Fallen down, but not defeated.