Working at Creative Therapy I have been mostly concerned with the development of Matti, in particular the software end of things.


Matti is a device containing LEDs and pressure sensors, which act as an input/output for games and other applications. The goal of Matti is to be a tool for physiotherapists, engaged in rehabilitation, sports measuring and care for children or the elderly. The device connects to a PC which runs MattiUnity, the application containing games and analysis tools that work with the Matti.

Heatmap MattiUnity application, showing the pressure heatmap of a person standing on the Matti.

Working at creative therapy, my first and main job was to build up the application (Matti-Unity) from scratch, providing code to communicate with the Matti via USB port, processing the input, facilitating games and sending LED output back. While this is not too difficult in principle, the reality is quite complex, The LEDs and sensors do not match for example, nor do the sensors provide clean linear values. Input needs to be rescaled, remapped, filtered and averaged to be of any use, and even then updates come in at an irregular pace. I was also responsible for making large parts of the Firmware running in Matti, which is mostly Python code.

Matti innards Inside of a Matti, showing the pressure sensor array (on top) and the led strips glued onto a foam base.
Net surfer One of the more fancy games made for Matti-Unity, specifically an intern project made by game development students.
Balance orchestra Icon for the balance orchestra game, where the player must balance between left/right to guide an orchestra playing a symphony. Made by Jorn from Creative Therapy